Tia Torres Husband – Aren Marcus Jackson (A.J.)

(Last Updated On: Dec 30, 2017)

Tia Torres husband, Aren Marcus Jackson (A.J.) is currently an inmate jailed on conviction of multiple felony charges, following his no contest plea to them. And Tia Torres husband was sent to prison on a bum rap, according to his wife.

According to some sources, Tia met Aren during the 1980s vampire craze, when she was in her “vampire period”. She was trying to find the owner of a certain dog so they could release that dog to her. The owner happened to be in a California prison at the time. Torres used an “inmate locator” site and found the guy.

The two became pen pals and when she ran across a photograph of him she thought he “looked like a vampire”. On his release from prison in 2006, Aren Marcus Jackson became Tia Torres husband – they got married on Halloween. He later was imprisoned again on “bum rap” where he remains until now, 2016.

Tia Torres Husband’s 2007 Arrest

In September 2007, Aren was on parole, residing with Tia Torres on a rural property in Agua Dulce, California. On a September morning his parole agent Larry Dorsey accompanied a few Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs to perform a parole search of the residence.

Based on evidence recovered, Tia Torres husband was charged with 11 felonies, including second degree burglary of a vehicle, unlawful taking of a vehicle, receiving stolen property, grand theft and other.

It was also alleged that Aren Marcus Jackson had two prior convictions for felonies (including attempted murder of police officers) within the California’s “Three Strikes” law, and five other prior convictions. Aren pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Tia Torres then operated an animal rescue on the property. She was also hiring parolees to work for her organization. The property the couple lived in included multiple-acre land, their home, a trailer (where other parolees often lived), kennels for pitbulls and other rescue dogs.

The older children of Tia Torres and her husband rented another house to the north on adjacent property, along with several roommates.

By the summer of 2007, Aren Marcus Jackson (A.J.) had been living with Tia Torres in the residence for about 16 months. Parole agents had been to Tia Torres husband’s property numerous times, to search or just check in. A.J. was aware his home and property could be searched at any time.

In August 2007, a Los Angeles County detective contacted Agent Dorsey saying he suspected A.J. was involved in an auto burglary in the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys in June 2007. Personal property was stolen from the car, and someone attempted to use one of the stolen credit cards at a gas station. Torres owned the truck the man at a gas station was driving. Agent Dorsey believed the man from the video footage was Tia Torres’s husband…

Detective Dantice and Agent Dorsey agreed on taking Aren into custody, given his criminal history etc.

Dorsey phoned A.J. On September 5, 2007, asking him to report to the office that same day. He did not report to the office on that day, so Dorsey filled out a “miscellaneous decision” form as he suspected this “second-strike” parolee of criminal activity. He stated that Tia Torres husband was avoiding supervision, and requested an arrest warrant to be issued.

Aren Marcus Jackson said Dorsey and him agreed to report to the parole office on September 6, but when Aren came, Dorsey was not there. He waited for a while and then left. A.J. ‘s words were corroborated by his wife and his parole agent before Dorsey, Jose Angeles (could be seen on the television show – Pitbulls and Parolees). On September 6 morning Dorsey went to the residence to conduct a parole search, while A.J. was in his truck in front of Dorsey’s office.

They searched the home. Aren Jackson takes medical marijuana by prescription for migraine headaches, which they found. The deputies also searched the north residence and found a stolen motorcycle in the garage.

Two locked boxes belonging to Tia Torres husband were opened at the station. Dantice found heroin and drug paraphernalia inside, as well as stolen driver’s licenses and Social Security cards.

Aren Jackson admitted to owning the truck in the video, but said it was not him inside, and could have been any one of about 7 other men living or working at the property.

Sometime after the ruling, Tia Torres husband entered into plea negotiations. An agreement was worked out. Defendant withdraw plea of not guilty and entered pleas of no contest. Some counts were dismissed. A.J. admitted to prior conviction of attempted murder. The final sentence was 15 years 8 months. An appeal from A.J. followed. Aren and Tia argue that the warrantless search was arbitrary, capricious and harassing.

Prior Conviction of Tia Torres Husband

Aren Marcus Jackson of Laguna Niguel and Brian Thomas Greco of Arcadia were arrested in October, 1993 after allegedly stealing a Porsche. Aren was 23 and Brian was 27 at the time.

Monday, deputies stopped a pickup truck with a camper shell pushing a Volkswagen. The suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the first deputy. Another deputy shot at the gunman, the gunman fired back and hit the deputy’s boot. Greco, the pickup driver, sped off. Jackson hopped into the patrol vehicle and escaped. Fifteen minutes later, the patrol car found abandoned car several miles away.

The Volkswagen was stolen, and Jackson’s fingerprints were found on the Volkswagen. Jackson was on parole at the time. Thursday, Jackson was arrested at his girlfriend’s house. Inside the Porsche was one shotgun and two handguns – all stolen. Jackson was held at Costa Mesa Jail on grand theft auto, violating parole, and felony evasion, and attempted murder.

Just to clarify, Tia Torres’ husband, isn’t in jail for life. A.J. was threatened with life due to California’s three strikes law, but his current sentence is under 16 years.

Is Aren Marcus Jackson Guilty or Not?

Is Aren Marcus Jackson in jail on a false charge? Was he sent to prison on a bum rap? The petition on change.org to Pardon Aren Marcus Jackson of Villalobos Rescue Center was signed by 109 people and is now closed. His wife Tia is still fighting to prove that her husband is not guilty and the whole thing was an unfair judgment.

AJ who began to relax under the effect of the dogs, came up with the thought of sharing them with other parolees. The program became a success rehabilitating parolees and helping them get back into society. The program was featured in various news stories, and producers were offering to film reality TV series… When all hell broke loose.

Tia Maria Jackson-Torres says she won’t give up fighting for her husband and can’t wait to reveal all the details of this pending case, when she can.

Full name Aren Marcus Jackson (AKA A.J.)
Born August, 1968 (age 49)
Wife: Tia Maria Jackson-Torres
Children: Tania M Cardello, Mariah Torres
Net worth: Less than $100,000 (estimated)
Location: California prison (since 2007; convicted for felonies)
Past locations: Fallon, NV; Agua Dulce, CA; Carlsbad, CA; Cypress, CA; Newport Beach, CA; Laguna Hills, CA
Relatives: Tia M Cardello
Pitbulls and Parolees: 2006-2007