Tim Yeager, Robin Meade’s Husband

(Last Updated On: Apr 10, 2017)

Tim Yeager is the husband of the popular American news anchor Robin Meade, from the Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Tim Yeager’s Age

Timothy H Yeager is 46 years old in 2017; he was born in 1970. His wife Robin Meade Yeager is one year his senior – she is 47 years old in 2017; she was born in 1969.

Tim Yeager Biography

Tim Yeager attended Margaretta High School in Castalia, Ohio and graduated the class of 1988. His alleged occupation is a businessman, but we don’t know exactly what his job involves or what he does for a living.

There are many profiles of people named Tim Yeager on Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites. There are dozens of professionals named Tim Yeager on LinkedIn alone, yet none of them seems to belong to Robin Meade’s husband Tim Yeager.

Tim sometimes gets confused with other people with the same name, including the economist and former Financial Secretary-Treasurer Tim Yeager and Tim Yeager the cyclist from Columbia, TN.

Our Tim Yeager’s biography is incomplete, so please feel free to contribute in the comments section.

Tim Yeager ‘s House

We don’t know much about Tim Yeager’s net worth, but we do know that Tim and Robin live in a lovely 9-bedroom house in Marietta, Georgia. They bought this house in 2010 for $1,335,000. Before that, they had lived in the states Ohio, Florida, and Illinois.

Tim Yeager and Robin Meade

It was love at first sight for Tim, when he first saw his future girlfriend/wife in the college.
Tim Yeager and Robin M Meade started dating and got married on 6 November 1993, in Ohio. Both were in their early twenties (24 and 23 years old). They took a cruise holiday on the Royal Caribbean Nordic Empress for their honeymoon, and we still take to the water whenever they can on their houseboat on Lake Lanier.

They don’t see each other during the week due to their busy schedules, but try to spend the weekends together going out and having fun, as well as boating, playing golf, attending different openings in Atlanta, Georgia, etc.

The couple does not have any children. They are fond of dogs and have two German shepherds.
There were rumors in the news that the anchor from the HLN’s Morning Express and her husband were divorcing. Is this true? Judging by the recent Robin Meade and Tim Yeager photographs, they couple seems to be very much in love and enjoy a happy family life.

Tim Yeager’s Wife

Robin is the lead news anchor for the HLN network’s morning show Morning Express with Robin Meade. She has a lot of experience as a model and is also a former Miss Ohio.

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