Trafaluc – ZARA TRF

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)

Trafaluc is always fresh and trendy. It combines trendy, hipster, grunge, casual and more – all in one. Trafaluc is rich in designs, colors and materials, so anyone should find something for themselves. This year it includes bold modern patterns and complementing or contrasting colors, in a range of materials including velour, leather, and denim.

A lot of people ask about Trafaluc meaning. Trafaluc is Zara’s line aiming at younger shoppers, dishing out louder and trendier pieces for the women who are not afraid to dress boldly and different. The meaning might have to do with words “traffic” (Trafa) and “look” (luc), but that’s just a speculation.

Zara TRF clothing line includes everything starting from Trafaluc outerwear to Trafaluc dresses. Even though we don’t know exactly what Trafaluc TRF means or its correct pronunciation, we love this line: jeans, tops, shoes, bags, accessories and latest trends at ZARA TRF trafaluc.

Zara is a world famous company that was founded in Spain by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in 1975. Now it is the main brand of the world’s largest apparel retailer Inditex group. Zara has more than 2,100 stores worldwide. The iconic Spanish clothing store is renowned for fresh tends and designs, and produces its own clothing and accessories based on catwalk designs and the latest trends.

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