Wayno the Tuna from Blow (2001) in Real Life

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Wayno the Tuna is noted as George Jung’s best friend in the movie “Blow” (2001). The overweight “Tuna” is George’s childhood friend and his long-running drug smuggling partner.

Who was Wayno the Tuna in real life?

Tuna and George grew up in the fifties environment and were all American small-town bows. Their school house was small and made of wood, fathers worked ads mothers stayed home, and drugs and violence didn’t exist. George played football.

Tuna was George’s best friend, blood brother, and a jolly prankster. The two friends graduated from Weymouth High School in Massachusetts in 1961. George went to the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and Tuna went to college in Colorado.

By this time America had changed lot: Vietnam, the killing of President Kennedy, civil rights, America was becoming divided. Two years later, in 1964, Tuna and George decided to move to Mexico in search of something new (women, nice weather, mystery and cheap booze and drugs). They ended up in California.

Tuna Wayno and George Jung started buying Mexican marijuana on the California side, Manhattan Beach. They transported the weed to New England and Boston, New England’s largest city. They were selling the weed there, and their profit margin was extremely high.

A little later the two went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for some “forbidden pleasures”. Wayno the Tuna and George got the idea of smuggling pot out of Mexico, together with their other two friends from Boston – Fast Fred and Frank. It almost did not work out, but then George met air hostess Barbara. Barbara introduced George Jung and Wayno the Tuna to Richard Barile (named fictitiously as Derek Foreal in the movie Blow). Richard Barile became their dealer in California for the drugs smuggled from Mexico and later also from Pablo Escobar Colombia’s ranch.

What really happened to George Jung’s childhood friend Tuna?

Tuna was briefly involved in Jung’s marijuana smuggling, but left to Massachusetts early.

On one of his journeys back home many years later, George had run into Wayno the Tuna when he was mowing his lawn in Cape Code, Massachusetts. Tuna had bought a house and a boat there, using his drug dealing money, and started leaving the straight life.

They waved to each other and said “Hi”, as if they had last seen each other yesterday. Jung tried to convince Tuna, is early partner in the marijuana business, to partner with him again, but Wayno refused.

According to an online forum, Tuna aka Wayno ended up in Scientology and moved to the Gold Base – the confidential de facto international headquarters of the Church of Scientology located in San Jacinto in Riverside County, California. He has a wife and is set money-wise. It’s implied that at some point Tuna’s money is drained and “he ultimately ends his life just weeks before the cult is brought to legal justice in every country except the USA.” However, there are no othersources that mention Wayno’s involvement with the Church of Scientology.

Tuna Wayno in the Blow

George and Tuna are two kids from the suburban town of Wayland, Massachusetts. A “walking heart attack”, Tuna (played by Ethan Suplee) is very overweight. During the 60’s, they pack up and move to California and rent a beachfront apartment.

George and Tuna meet their first connection, bisexual hairdresser and drug dealer Derek Foreal (Richard Barile in real life), via Barbara Buckley. With his help, the two beach bums George and Wayno the Tuna start to make a lot of money. They become “the kings of Manhattan Beach.” Pretty soon, the buddies are sourcing their marijuana directly from Pablo Escobar. At some point, they even steal a plane together.

The character Tuna is depicted as Jung’s long-term drug dealing partner in the “Blow”, rather than a person who left early on, as it happened in real life.

Tuna Blow Actor

Tuna from the Blow is played by Ethan Suplee, an American actor born in 1976. Ethan Suplee is probably best known for his role as Seth Ryan in American History X, but has had many other great roles in his acting career (including in the movies Boy Meets World, My Name Is Earl, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Remember the Titans).

Ethan Suplee is an actor of considerable talent and accomplishment. Ethan Suplee’s has battled weight gain his whole life, and has lost and gained lots of weight for different roles. One time, he had lost 200lbs.


  1. I heard the Cartel kidnapped Tuna and grinded him into a fine pulp and then packaged his remains in Starkist tuna cans. Those cans were then sold on store shelves.

    That’s what I heard.

  2. If one were to know wayno personally then one would respect him enough to laugh at the inaccuracies in this article..what a complete source of misinformation

  3. It sounds like this article is mostly conjecture and speculation, not to mention horribly written. Spell check is there for a reason, I’d recommend you pay it some attention or at least stop writing articles on your phone. Glad to hear Wayno took the high road (no pun intended). After seeing what became of George Jung in his later years, I’d say Tuna made the right call; he saved himself from lengthy jail sentences and possible addictions. He should be afforded privacy and a personal life since he voluntarily left the life. Glad to hear he is well. Did he ever lose weight?

  4. Tuna was never in Scientology, and is alive and well. He got out before the cocaine days because George took him up to Northern California to see the militia that was going to guard the shipments and wanted no part of that noise. They did meet on Cape Cod again in 1972 where Tuna helped George out for about a month before his wife kicked George and his girlfriend out for blowing through the $1200 they’d managed to save drinking Christian Bros. brandy. I’ll stop the narrative there because the Tuna would rather keep his life private. Suffice it to say that I know these things because it was my mother that kicked George out.

    1. I’d rather read an article written by you, this “article” sounded like pointless speculation. Was there a specific reason Tuna left or was it just his time to go? I’m curious what the ACTUAL story is. Obviously he is entitled to his privacy but the film left it so mysterious and gave virtually no reason he split with that crowd, not that I blame him, he definitely made the right choice considering what happened to the rest of the gang.
      Thanks for your input!

    2. This is so interesting I love it. Please please please if there is anyway please email me and talk with me about this I’ve loved George and tuna since I was old enough to walk

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