Xavier Alexander Wahlberg

(Last Updated On: Apr 10, 2017)

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg is a 24 year old son of the famous actor, producer and singer Donnie Wahlberg. Xavier Alexander Wahlberg was born on March 4th 1993 to Donnie and his then-wife Kimberly Fey.

Donnie Wahlberg’s son is rather secretive and does not share much about his private life on any of the popular social media websites. We do know that he used to be part of a metal band. In 2008, his father Donnie mentioned that Xavier Alexander wanted to be a roadie and was in death metal band. He was growing his hair and he was going to stick to his music. Same year Donnie Wahlberg, the founder of New Kids on the Block offered support to his teenage son’s metal band, but the they refused

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg is often confused with Xavier Samuel when searching for the actor from the third Twilight. Xavier Samuel is an Australian actor who has been cast for the Eclipse. in fact if you search for Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s movies or any information on IMDB the only page that comes up is his father’s page that briefly mentions Xavier and his brother a Elijah.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg has been rumored to be dating his classmate but later on this proved to be untrue.

If he is typical of people his age (24 years old), he is probably either studying or beginning his career. But it’s always hard to predict when it comes to this famous Hollywood family, the Wahlberg’s.

Many of the Wahlberg’s family took unconventional roads in their careers. For example, Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s uncle Mark Wahlberg, a famous actor, producer and businessman known as Marky Mark in his early career had a difficult start. He developed an addiction to cocaine by age 13 and stopped attending school at 14. By the age of 16 he was charged with attempted murder after beating up a Vietnamese refugee, and sentenced to two years in prison. Mark served just 45 days, but it was enough for him to realise that he needs to change his life. Mark turned to a priest and got on the straight and narrow before joining the New Kids on the Block. New Kids on the Block was founded by Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s father Donnie Wahlberg in Boston Massachusetts. The band is still active and consists of Donnie and four other members.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg already tried himself in the metal band. We can probably expect to see him in other “celebrity” roles, including Hollywood movies in the future.

Xavier Wahlberg’s mother and father divorced in 2008, after 9 years of marriage (they got married in 1999). According to some unverified sources, Kimberly Fey filed for divorce after finding out that Donnie Wahlberg had an affair with another woman. Official reason: “irreconcilable differences”.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s brother Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg is 16 years old in 2017, he is 8 years Xavier’s junior. Kim was given custody of her child and so he was raised by her .

If you look at the few Alexander Wahlberg pictures on the internet, you will find that he has a lot of resemblance to both his parents.

Xavier Alexander’s father Donnie is now married to actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy. The two have been dating for many years and got married in 2014. Jenny’s then 11 year old son assisted when Donnie proposed to her by bringing cards with the words of the proposal.

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