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(Last Updated On: Jan 7, 2018)

Zeke Tenhoff is a professional gold digger. He is an expert diver who goes into the uncharted areas beneath the sea in search of gold. This is an occupation I would give anything to experience even if it is for a few months. It would be awesome to tag along on a dredger sailing to different parts of Alaska in search of gold and other precious metals. This is the life of Zeke Tenhoff.

Early life

Born Ezekiel Tenhoff, Zeke did not specifically have a formal education; it has been reported that he learned from experience as a young child by watching and asking questions about his environment. He learned to read and write from his parents in an unstructured homeschooling arrangement. Zeke, however, is an extremely brilliant young man with the will to become a successful man. He started out gold digging at the early age of twenty. A series of successful expeditions gave him the resources to acquire his first vessel, “The Clark.” Zeke sailed around with the Clark for many years in search of gold in the Bering Sea, and at some point, he bought another dredger named “The Edge.” In those early days, he worked with a close female friend Emily Reidel. She learned all about gold digging from Zeke later became the captain of “The Edge” which she bought from Zeke. She renamed her new Dredger “The Eroica,” which has also been featured in the American TV series “Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice.”

Captain Zeke Tenhoff

Zeke’s enthusiasm about his occupation is a rare display of passion that can hardly be matched. There have been good, and bad days, he has also faced rough times, but Zeke has remained committed to his responsibilities as the captain of “The Clark” leading a team of gold diggers all around the Bering Sea. I am not surprised that his gold digging activities caught the attention of The Discovery channel, the agreements were quickly wrapped up, and Zeke became another reality TV star. This time he took millions of America viewers with his on his gold-digging expeditions. We were able to have a firsthand experience of what it is to be a gold digger, sailing to different parts of the Bering Sea, and diving to the dark depths of the sea in search of gold. The reviews for the TV show were amazing; the audience loved watching the show and just like that Zeke Tenhoff became an American TV reality star.

The Courageous Search for Gold

Whose gold was it anyway? In Zeke’s world and according to the legal statutes, it was going to be “finders keepers” with some commissions paid to the government. In every episode, the audience is held spellbound as Zeke and his crew maneuver “The Clark” at various locations in Nome, Alaska bravely searching for gold in regions many people would avoid if they had an option. For Zeke, this was an adventure. He lived for the adventure; he enjoyed being out there at sea, facing numerous kinds of challenges that he or his crew could hardly prepare for because the seas and the nature of their occupation were highly unpredictable. Every day had a new surprise, but to Zeke and his crew on “The Clark,” it was just part of the price they had to pay to get anything worthwhile. The search for plaster gold is all Zeke lives for, and on this journey, he takes the entire world of viewers with him, revealing this intriguing aspect of gold digging in an unscripted American TV reality show.

Dealing with the Pressure

Zeke’s life has had to go through some tough times during his career as a gold digger and an expert diver. He has had to experience an unhappy split with two people he really cared about. First, it was Emily who took over “The Edge” Which she renamed “The Eroica,” she is currently sailing around with her dredger searching for plaster gold. Zeke also had to part ways with Glen LeBaron due to irreconcilable differences, sometime during the TV show; we heard that Zeke had lost his best friend, John Bunce. It was a difficult time for him, they were close friends, and it came as a shock to Zeke when he heard John had taken his own life. Watching these events unfold in the life of such a young man made the audience realize that Zeke every bit a human being like the rest of us, just very brave and fiercely committed to his occupation. Even with all these distractions, Zeke has remained the favorite TV reality star of many viewers of the show “Bering Sea Gold.”

The Clark

The Clark is Zeke Tenhoff’s pride. It has become a very popular vessel because of the TV show “Bering Sea Gold” shown on the Discovery channel. It is also a suction dredger; it is a vessel fitted with a dredger which works at locations where mining is to be carried out. The dredger loosens the soil at the location making it easy for expert divers such as Zeke and his crew to mine for plaster gold beneath the sea. Divers commonly use the suction dredger because of its effective dredging operations which make it easier to find gold.

Zeke Tenhoff’s Net Worth

Zeke is worth about $125,000. This evaluation is the current figure generated by financial assessment bureaus; he has made this money from the TV reality show and endorsements that have arisen due to his rising popularity as a reality TV star.

Zeke Tenhoff remains unstoppable, his determination and passion for discovering gold under the seas has not gone unnoticed. The number of dredgers currently working in and around Nome, Alaska has since increased; many of the new entrants have been inspired by watching the TV show “Bering Sea Gold.”